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National Executive Standard

NES Private Security


· Residential
· Hotels/Restaurants
· Perimeter Patrols
· Marinas/Waterfront Properties
· Suited Agents
· Uniformed Officers
· Event Security
· Emergency Services
· Courier Service
· Personal Security Escorts
· Designated Drivers
· Private Investigator


SECURITY DIVISION - NES is a licensed security company. We employ talented, skilled individuals and teams. These individuals are former military, law enforcement or specially trained in the field.

NES Security Division will provided you with numerous levels of security, depending on your particular requirements or situation.

​ Full- or part-time by the day, month or year

 NES Officers not only take pride in their knowledge and skills, as well as their personal appearance and diplomacy when representing NES and its clients.

NES is proficient in state and federal security guidelines

All NES staff sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

Security officers are for when a visible presence is required. These are uniformed armed and unarmed officers.

Responsibilities include:

  • Perimeter and interior security
  • Overnight perimeter protection
  • Communicating with local law enforcement
  • Staff is available on short notice, by the hour, day or event

Commonly used for: Condos, construction sites, resorts/hotel, marinas

Security agents are specially trained for residential and personal protection.

Our elite agents are top in their field. These are highly skilled individuals with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, government and the business world.

 All elite officers are trained in state and federal guidelines for the United States.

Responsibilities include:

  • Perimeter and interior security
  • Protection of client, family and guests
  • Vetting all outside staff and vendors accessing property
  • Escorting for outside travel
  • Communicating with local law enforcement
  • Establishing secure rooms for privacy